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18 Years of Experience

Whittlesticks, Inc. is located in Cedar City, UT and is owned and operated by Luthier, J. Luke Heaton.

We specialize in custom built stringed instruments and stringed instrument restoration and repair. Luke has been bulding and repairing instruments since the fall of 2000. He has built contrabasses, cellos, violas, violins, authentic baroque violins and violas, guitars, acoustic and electric, ukuleles and specializes in total restoration for instruments in the stringed instrument family.


Whittlesticks, Inc. rents both orchestra and band instruments as well.

Arch Top (Top Photo)

The custom built archtop guitar above was built from wood from black walnut tree cut down 28 years ago in Rockville, Utah. When the tree was cut down, the woman who live there purported that Brigham Young planted the tree when Rockville was first settled. We don't have the means to verify if this is indeed true. We enjoy the story just the same!

12 String (Left Photo)

This 12 string guitar is also made from the same black walnut. We really love this wood for it's rich tones, warm colors and beautiful look. We have built multiple instruments out of this wood and all have turned out spectacular in sound and appearance.

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