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J. Luke Heaton

Luthier, Expert Repair and Restorations

Located in scenic Cedar City, UT, Whittlesticks, Inc. is owned and operated by Luthier, J. Luke Heaton.


Specializing in stringed instrument builds, restorations and repairs, Luke has been bulding and repairing instruments for over 20 years. Whittlesticks is a Certified Authorized Service Center tor Martin & Co. and he is a Silver Level Taylor Factory Authorized Service Technician.



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History & Approach

Luke started playing the contrabass in his youth and through an accident with his own instrument he discovered his love of creating and restoring instruments. He trained at Trees Breath Violin Making School in Mt. Pleasant, Utah under the exacting tutelage of Master Luthier, Paul Heart.

From hand picking the wood the instruments are made from, to the finished product, Luke takes great care in ensuring the instruments he creates are something he would want to play himself. He pays a great deal of detail, not only to the appearance of the instruments he crafts, but also to the fine details that will impact the sound quality and the muscian's experience while playing one of his instruments.

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  • Guitars - both acoustic and electric,

  • Ukuleles

  • Violins

  • Violas

  • Cellos

  • Contrabasses

  • Banjos

  • And More

Build, Repair, Restoration

Bow Rehair & Repair

  • Student Grade Bows

  • Professional Grade Bows

Retail Sales

  • Guitars

  • Ukuleses

  • Orchestra Instrument & Bows

  • Strings

  • Accessories

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